My Seed of Truth is a project of human insight, wisdom and understanding.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late”.  Reflecting on my life, the lessons I have learned and the insight I have gained throughout the years,  I can certainly see the truth in Mr. Franklin's adage. 

My Seed of Truth is an attempt to do something about this dilemma I see in life.  I believe by having people all around the world share a truth (something important to know in life), I can create an opportunity for many people to learn from one another.  Maybe I am naive, but I believe the world can literally teach the world how to live. 

I want to create a book of collective understanding that's universal and fundamental on what's important to know in life and make this book available to the world for FREE!  I believe the more we know about the human experience, the easier it can be to create a better life for ourselves and others!   -David Rivera, My Seed of Truth